More information

If you want more information about Druid this document contains links more tutorials, blogposts and youtube videos.

Related projects

These three projects provide the basis that Druid works on

  • Piet An abstraction for 2D graphics.
  • Kurbo A Rust library for manipulating curves
  • Skribo A Rust library for low-level text layout

Projects using Druid

  • Kondo Save disk space by cleaning unneeded files from software projects.
  • jack-mixer A jack client that provides mixing, levels and a 3-band eq.
  • kiro-synth An in progress modular sound synthesizer.
  • psst A non-Electron GUI Spotify client.
  • flac_music A music player.
  • pull requests welcome

Projects that work with Druid (widgets etc)

  • pull requests welcome


Some presentations about Druid, its background and related topics have been recorded

Blog posts

People have been blogging about Druid