This is the website for the Linebender organization on GitHub. The Linebender organization contains a collection of repositories, which provide the tools and utilities to create graphical user interfaces for applications in the Rust programming language.

It is also a group of volunteers and enthusiasts who hang out on our Zulip, and who collaborate on designing and coding the different parts of the stack required for UI. We are a friendly bunch, and always welcome newcomers, whether they have any experience with 2D graphics and user interfaces or not.

All the work of the Linebender is done in the open, and the full history of all conversations is available on Zulip. In fact, we recommend searching the chat history for any topic that you are interested in, as there have been many discussions in the past with novel and valuable ideas. All code is dual-licensed under the MIT and Apache-2.0 licenses (where possible) and we aim to license non-code material under the CC-BY Creative Commons license. In fact, the non-code portion of this website is licensed under CC-BY, while all code, including any JavaScript written by the authors, is available under the Apache-2.0 license. A copy of the Apache-2.0 license is available in this website's repository. We reuse some code from the 'minima' Jekyll theme under the MIT license. The aim is to make any of the code on this website reusable, so if the licensing is causing friction please contact us on Zulip and we'll work together to solve the problem.

A separate page describes our contributor guidelines.

The organization was started by Raph Levien, and he informally leads and drives the work forward.